Snowboarding Christmas Tree

Here is a little Christmas tree getting out to do a little snowboarding for the holiday. Have a merry Christmas!

Taco Time

  Taco Time. Kick flipping it old skool. This is an illustration for #illustrationfriday on the topic of #delicious Cinco

Bad Bass

How to catch a tough Bass? Where I live, there is a lake where there are people fishing constantly. I feel like the fish have

Mars Needs Surfers

The quest for water on Mars is over… Ripping clean sets and barrels as far as the eye can see.

Lawn Mower Guy

A quick watercolor sketch to celebrate the first nice spring day we had here in Maryland. Soon people will be complaining it&#

What to Fish With?

I have to be honest. I love fishing, but sometimes what lure to use completely eludes me. Seriously, I think sometimes lures a

Crabby Driving

The crab rider drives his crab under the sea… I think it looks fun with a well behaved crab. But all the crabs I’ve ever e

Shark Rider

Shark Rider – Just got a “new-to-me”, used Wacom Cintiq off Ebay. So I was playing around and came up with this. My

Dude illustration

Just a dude in a hat. #blackandwhite #penandink #hendersonse #drawingaday

Pickin’ and Grinnin’

Just a pickin and a grinnin, thinking about warmer days. #chesapeakeisland #beach  #hendersonse #watercolor #surfart #imisss

Old art, new approach

Here is one of my older pieces which will be available on our ETSY SHOP. It’s called “Quiver” and it’s

Follow the sun – VW bus t-shirt graphic

Here is the latest graphic I have designed for my line of beach apparel called Chesapeake Island Outfitters. This will be avai

Inktober WTF…

Ok, there’s no way I can keep up with Inktober posts while working and dealing with family stuff. So, doing my best I wi

Inktober 8 – Siamese Chihuahua

So cute… #inktober #inktober2go #chihuahua  

Inktober 8 – Surfin’ Chief

This is one of my faves. Can’t wait to get a shirt with this on it. #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

Inktober 7 – Sea Turtle 2

#inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

Inktober 6 – Crabby Martini

2 great tastes that taste great together. I think… never tried this combo. #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland &nb

Inktober 5 – Deuces

For my daughter Mevie who says this to me frequently – “Deuces” #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland #d

Inktober 4 – Preppy Victim

Trying to catch up on my inktober posts, this one is a preppy graphic I would wear…  Added color to make this one make

Inktober 4 – Luchador

Ok, I’m a little behind… Here is a pen & ink illustration I did for Urban Velo magazine probably 2 or 3 years

Inktober 3 – Fish with a Fish

A fish walking with a retro fish surfboard. I inked this with the Zebra Fude Brush Pen that just came in the mail yesterday

Inktober 2 – Sea Turtle

This is another experiment with some old inking tools I have used in the past. There is quite a bit of bleeding in these lines

Inktober 1 – Van Life

Trying a new brush pen on this one. Admittedly not my best work but having fun anyway. This is post 1 for #inktober #inktober2


Thinking about doing inktober this year. Here is a guy who kicks ass and shows his inktober results, Jake Parker. Inspiring!

One Day Builds – Fun Project

This is something I would have loved as a kid. Looks like a great project and not too hard either.

More Illustration with James Gurney

Really cool video showing the process that James Gurney creates his fantastic dinosaur illustrations. I love his technique, h

This is a nice demo of an illustrator completing a rendering of Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m a fan of the pen & ink wit

Turned comments off

The comments have been turned off because I have been getting hundreds of spam comments daily. Not sure why, but if you want t

James Gurney is a Watercolor Rockstar

James Gurney is the guy that created the popular Dinotopia books. His video channel has a lot of great info about his techniqu

Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes

Here is a great resource for a wide variety of Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes. All are free and have illustrated exa

Oil Painting Tutorial

I love this Oil Painting Tutorial by David Gray. David has a fantastic style and his paintings are used for “histori

Isometric Style Mini Infographic

This is an illustration of the demand response concept I did for Constellation Energy in Baltimore, MD. It was used in a broch

Block Print – Footwork

Yet another work from the past, “Footwork”. This is a 4 color block print done in 2002. It was featured in a speci

Sign Painting Video

One of my favorite forms of art is sign painting. I love the style & letter forms along with the old school edgyness it im

Watching Artists Work

Jeff Miracola is a great fantasy artist that makes videos of his work in progress. Sometimes it’s nice to see how other

Ten Over

Here is a 3 color block print done quite some time ago. This was available for sale on my e-commerce site I may

Magic Surf Bus

  I always wanted one of these, but I don’t think they will get you very far these days. A bit under powered! But i

How I create my art – Acrylic Painting

Sometimes people want to know more about the types of materials used in creating a particular piece of art. In art school we u

Surf art from the archives

This one is called quiver. It’s a black and white pen & ink illustration print that has been had-tinted with waterco

House diagram cutaway

Done for a client & friend’s website