Inktober 8 – Surfin’ Chief

This is one of my faves. Can’t wait to get a shirt with this on it. #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

Inktober 7 – Sea Turtle 2

#inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

Inktober 6 – Crabby Martini

2 great tastes that taste great together. I think… never tried this combo. #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland &nb

Inktober 5 – Deuces

For my daughter Mevie who says this to me frequently – “Deuces” #inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland #d

Inktober 4 – Preppy Victim

Trying to catch up on my inktober posts, this one is a preppy graphic I would wear…  Added color to make this one make

Inktober 4 – Luchador

Ok, I’m a little behind… Here is a pen & ink illustration I did for Urban Velo magazine probably 2 or 3 years

Inktober 3 – Fish with a Fish

A fish walking with a retro fish surfboard. I inked this with the Zebra Fude Brush Pen that just came in the mail yesterday

Inktober 2 – Sea Turtle

This is another experiment with some old inking tools I have used in the past. There is quite a bit of bleeding in these lines

Inktober 1 – Van Life

Trying a new brush pen on this one. Admittedly not my best work but having fun anyway. This is post 1 for #inktober #inktober2


Thinking about doing inktober this year. Here is a guy who kicks ass and shows his inktober results, Jake Parker. Inspiring!

More Illustration with James Gurney

Really cool video showing the process that James Gurney creates his fantastic dinosaur illustrations. I love his technique, h

James Gurney is a Watercolor Rockstar

James Gurney is the guy that created the popular Dinotopia books. His video channel has a lot of great info about his techniqu