Snowboarding Christmas Tree

Here is a little Christmas tree getting out to do a little snowboarding for the holiday. Have a merry Christmas!

What to Fish With?

I have to be honest. I love fishing, but sometimes what lure to use completely eludes me. Seriously, I think sometimes lures a

Crabby Driving

The crab rider drives his crab under the sea… I think it looks fun with a well behaved crab. But all the crabs I’ve ever e

Inktober 7 – Sea Turtle 2

#inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

This is a nice demo of an illustrator completing a rendering of Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m a fan of the pen & ink wit

Turned comments off

The comments have been turned off because I have been getting hundreds of spam comments daily. Not sure why, but if you want t

Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes

Here is a great resource for a wide variety of Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes. All are free and have illustrated exa

How I create my art – Acrylic Painting

Sometimes people want to know more about the types of materials used in creating a particular piece of art. In art school we u

Solar Power Isometric Illustration

Here is one of the illustrations I have been working on lately. I have been doing a lot of isometric diagrams based on energy.

Latest t-shirt graphic

Here is the 2009 version of the Gear Jammers car club t-shirt. This year featuring a very cool Avanti, by Studebaker and a swe

Looks like somebody finally did something right

Moving servers

the site may experience problems over the next few days as I move to a new server & re-set everything up.

Another Dirt Rag illustration

Here is the latest in the Dirt Rag universe for me. The article is about a female rider struggling to come to grips with her M

Holy Sh#! – a new post!

Nothing takes up your time more than loosing your job! Getting all your ducks in a row, making sure your files are backed up,


chief Originally uploaded by art4surf. This is for Illustration Friday, although it’s Wednesday, and the topic is might.

One Man Band

1manband Originally uploaded by art4surf. The topic for this week is invention. Is this an invention of passion or necessity?T

menehuna sketch

menehuna sketch Originally uploaded by art4surf. Here’s a cool little guy. According to a few definitions I found, Meneh

DirtRag- chew the fat

DirtRag-chew Originally uploaded by art4surf. Illustration done for the December issue of Dirt Rag Magazine

Halloween Black & Orange contest entry

This is my entry from the Black & Orange Creative Halloween Contest Here is the link – Halloween 2006