What to Fish With?

I have to be honest. I love fishing, but sometimes what lure to use completely eludes me. Seriously, I think sometimes lures a

Crabby Driving

The crab rider drives his crab under the sea… I think it looks fun with a well behaved crab. But all the crabs I’ve ever e

Inktober 7 – Sea Turtle 2

#inktober #inktober2go #chesapeakeisland

This is a nice demo of an illustrator completing a rendering of Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m a fan of the pen & ink wit

Turned comments off

The comments have been turned off because I have been getting hundreds of spam comments daily. Not sure why, but if you want t

Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes

Here is a great resource for a wide variety of Photoshop Painting Presets and Brushes. All are free and have illustrated exa

How I create my art – Acrylic Painting

Sometimes people want to know more about the types of materials used in creating a particular piece of art. In art school we u

Solar Power Isometric Illustration

Here is one of the illustrations I have been working on lately. I have been doing a lot of isometric diagrams based on energy.

Latest t-shirt graphic

Here is the 2009 version of the Gear Jammers car club t-shirt. This year featuring a very cool Avanti, by Studebaker and a swe

Looks like somebody finally did something right

Moving servers

the site may experience problems over the next few days as I move to a new server & re-set everything up.

Another Dirt Rag illustration

Here is the latest in the Dirt Rag universe for me. The article is about a female rider struggling to come to grips with her M