Informational Diagram

One area I seem to do a lot of work is creating diagrams to illustrate a particular point or a technical illustration of an id

Solar Power Isometric Illustration

Here is one of the illustrations I have been working on lately. I have been doing a lot of isometric diagrams based on energy.

Latest t-shirt graphic

Here is the 2009 version of the Gear Jammers car club t-shirt. This year featuring a very cool Avanti, by Studebaker and a swe

Looks like somebody finally did something right

Moving servers

the site may experience problems over the next few days as I move to a new server & re-set everything up.

Another Dirt Rag illustration

Here is the latest in the Dirt Rag universe for me. The article is about a female rider struggling to come to grips with her M

Dirt Rag illustration

Recent DR illustration from October. It was to illustrate a letter submitted by a reader. It’s a little late posting it

New T-shirt graphic

This was for a car show in Illinois. A classic car cruise through town.

New illustration – website header

Here is a new logo & header design for, a new website offering PowerPoint enhancement and creat

Eames chair – introduction & interview from 1956

Even the interview shot has a sense of design. The interview is a little weird, but you get a great view of the classic Eames

Updated website & new art!

Welcome to the newly revised and updated website. I combined the old blog onto the portfolio site to simplify things a bit. Th

This is true… I was there, I saw it myself. – Watch more free videos

blues man

blues man Originally uploaded by art4surf. Illustration Friday topic – blues. This sketch was completed while trying a n

Holy Sh#! – a new post!

Nothing takes up your time more than loosing your job! Getting all your ducks in a row, making sure your files are backed up,

Bikes, Bands & Burritos

bands-beer-burritos Originally uploaded by art4surf. Bikes, bands, burritos & beer in Baltimore. This is an illustration d

Something funny

Hey, no new illustrations right now, maybe in a couple days, but in the mean time here is a great clip from Zakk Wylde, lead g

Large Pad

My day job is doing corporate PowerPoint show graphics & programming. This is definitely something those people should wat

May is bike month!

bike-month Originally uploaded by art4surf. Happy may. This is a good time for cyclists out there. No more cold weather gear.

Dirt Rag illustration – connected

connected Originally uploaded by art4surf. This is obviously about those of us who can’t help but over-accessorize. The

MTB sunset – Dirt Rag Magazine

MTBsunset Originally uploaded by art4surf. This was for an article about loosing a mountain biking buddy.

DirtRag- steel cage match

DirtRag_steelcage_v2 Originally uploaded by art4surf. This is an illustration of Lance Armstrong vs. Floyd Landis that was jus

Red Koi

koi Originally uploaded by art4surf. Done for Illustration Friday. I love tattoo art – especially the koi. Tattoo lore s

Buzz – illustration friday

buzz Originally uploaded by art4surf. The buzz comes from the flies buzzing around this guy’s head. How about a kiss?

Mental Toughness part 2

tuffness-2 Originally uploaded by art4surf. Here is an illustration I did a few months ago for Dirt Rag. It was a 2 part artic

luchador mask – Illustration Friday

luchador2 Originally uploaded by art4surf. Yet another illustration for IF, turned in on Wednesday. I love the Mexican wrestle


chief Originally uploaded by art4surf. This is for Illustration Friday, although it’s Wednesday, and the topic is might.

One Man Band

1manband Originally uploaded by art4surf. The topic for this week is invention. Is this an invention of passion or necessity?T

menehuna sketch

menehuna sketch Originally uploaded by art4surf. Here’s a cool little guy. According to a few definitions I found, Meneh

DirtRag- chew the fat

DirtRag-chew Originally uploaded by art4surf. Illustration done for the December issue of Dirt Rag Magazine

Halloween Black & Orange contest entry

This is my entry from the Black & Orange Creative Halloween Contest Here is the link – Halloween 2006