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Thinking about doing inktober this year. Here is a guy who kicks ass and shows his inktober results, Jake Parker. Inspiring!  


Oil Painting Tutorial

I love this Oil Painting Tutorial by David Gray. David has a fantastic style and his paintings are used for “historical” themes. This is definitely worth a watch. He really […]


Block Print – Footwork

Yet another work from the past, “Footwork”. This is a 4 color block print done in 2002. It was featured in a special art issue of […]


Ten Over

Here is a 3 color block print done quite some time ago. This was available for sale on my e-commerce site I may still […]


Magic Surf Bus

  I always wanted one of these, but I don’t think they will get you very far these days. A bit under powered! But it […]


Informational Diagram

One area I seem to do a lot of work is creating diagrams to illustrate a particular point or a technical illustration of an idea. […]