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Sometimes people want to know more about the types of materials used in creating a particular piece of art. In art school we used every medium to create our projects so I had an opportunity to try out a lot of different methods and brands. The following are my current favorites. I’m always open to trying something new.

Acrylic Paint

Lately I have been trying to get back into traditional mediums. Mainly because I work on the computer so much. It’s nice to feel the danger of not having an undo key! or the thrill of the happy accident.

I don’t think you need to buy really expensive acrylic paints. I stay away from the el-cheapo stuff, but you can get by with student grade or intermediate grade paints. Brushes, on the other hand, are a different story. Try painting with a 2 dollar brush and you will have more than your fair share of frustration.

Here’s what I’ve been using:
Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tube 48-Piece Set
This link takes you to Amazon, it’s a pretty good deal. I checked Michaels & it’s going for over $50. Right now Amazon has it for $41 and change.

What I like about this set is you have every color you would ever need in one box. Typically you would want to buy a large tube of black & white to mix colors with. But this set will definitely get you going.

Here’s a link to a large tube of black & white so you could supplement the set. A 4oz. tube is pretty large.

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 4-oz tube, Mars Black

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 4-oz tube, Titanium White

As for brushes I recommend going with an advanced or professional grade brush. The beginner or cheap brushes are just more trouble than they are worth. The hairs fall out, they don’t hold their shape and are generally hard to work with. I think every artist has a preference on the shapes & style of the brushes they like to paint with. So rather than posting a link I think the best advice is to buy a natural hair brush or a very high quality synthetic.