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Camilla flowers bloom mid winter, this one is from my yard and was a complete surprise when the camilla bloomed last year.

  • Size: 6×6
  • Medium: Oils
  • Surface: MDF hardboard panel

Hardboard is a resilient surface that will stand up to years of use. Each panel is 1/8? thick extremely strong and durable. Hardboard panels, Masonite or MDF (medium density fiberboard) has been used for years as an oil or acrylic painting surface and has become the surface of choice for many artists.

From a series of daily painting exercises where I paint small works every day in a variety of mediums and subjects for fun and to practice new skills, try new techniques and explore different topics.

Each work will be signed and packed carefully. Usually I send via USPS, if you would like to receive via UPS or some other method please let me know.